Why are families making less money on their investments?

The understanding of the answer to this question led to the founding of ‘Simplicity Investing’. After analysing many portfolios, we found the following 3 ingredients to be lacking: Strategic, Global, and Simple.

Strategic means that investments should be based on the future, and not the past. For example, invest in Companies or Businesses who will help change your Nation and take it into the future.

Global means that one should invest around the world, because today a Nation’s economy is not local but global.

Simple means that one should not have too many investments in one’s Portfolio, and should adhere strictly to an investment process.






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Before you invest, you should have a clear Vision of what you want to achieve – and why. Here are some examples of POOR Visions:
“I will invest aggressively to become as rich as my Friends and Relatives.” (Greed) or
“I will not invest in the stock market and the only place for my money is Bank Deposits.” (Fear)


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