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Simplicity Investing India Private Limited is managed by an experienced and professional Team that is focused on providing Clients with an exceptional Investment experience. Our Team actively participates in the financial lives of our Clients and guides them on their investment decisions with thoughtful analysis, sound judgement, and relentless follow-through. We are committed to personalized service, objectivity, transparency and, above all, SIMPLICITY. We began with one simple goal… to partner with our Clients on a journey to Financial Freedom. We focus on the future, take a global view and minimize complexity. Our approach is comprehensive and holistic - and our key ingredients to a Client’s Portfolio are Strategic. Global. Simple.

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.
- Steve Jobs


Meet Our Team

Rashmi Shah (Founder and CEO)

Rashmi Shah is a Chartered Accountant (India) and CPA (USA) with over 30 years of experience in organization building, strategic planning, and investments. He has worked in India and the USA for Fortune 500 companies and for clients from across the globe.

As a founder of Simplicity, his vision is to create a financial institution with a global knowledge base, transparency, and a focus on wealth creation and wealth management for different generations. Throughout his career, he has mentored many financial professionals around the world.

Steve Attri (Founder)

Steve Attri is a Founder Member and part of the management team at Simplicity.

By qualification, he is an Engineer and has an MBA in Marketing and brings the experience from working at several Fortune 500 companies.

Jaideep Navinchandra Marathe (Director – Business Development)

Jaideep Marathe is a Chartered Accountant, he heads the Business Development and Marketing functions at Simplicity.
His area of expertise is in Market Research and Risk Management.

Sanket Sunil Shingvi (Director – Operations & Client Servicing)

Sanket Shingvi is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

He brings a wealth of experience on Data Analytics, Client Servicing and Strategy Execution to his role at Simplicity Investing. He specializes building and following business processes and is also responsible for mentoring the back-office personnel to meet client expectations.

Pooja Soochik

Pooja Soochik (Head of Finance)

Pooja Soochik is a Chartered Accountant and has over 10 years of corporate experience. At Simplicity, she is responsible for planning the organisation’s financial strategies, assessing and managing organizational risks, treasury management and comply with all tax and regulatory affairs. She is involved in various business processes within the company. Pooja also supports the business development function at Simplicity.
Prior to joining Simplicity, she was Sr. Executive Finance & Controlling with GKN Sinter Metals.

Aniket Karlekar (Senior Manager – Business Development)

Aniket Karlekar is an MBA graduate from Loughborough University, with more than 7 years of professional experience within diverse industries and directly as a corporate and finance professional.

The breadth of his experience spans markets worldwide and includes the portfolio of combining creative talents with more structured general business skills to deliver communications programs that are cost-effective, market-appropriate and profitable. He is a quick thinker who is highly observant and who can remain composed when juggling several enquiries at once.


Priya Nihalani (Manager – Business Development)

Priya Nihalani is a Business Development Manager at Simplicity.

She uses her considerable experience in Sales and Business Development to build and expand Simplicity’s market reach, and to build a standardized client experience.

Shashank Shende (Executive – Equity Desk)

Shashank is an engineer and an MBA in Finance. He heads the Equity Desk and is focused on the direct stock purchase and sale for clients including detailed analysis and research to identify value stocks to include in the portfolio.

Sameer Mokashi (Research Analyst – US Markets)

Sameer Mokashi is a graduate from Symbiosis. He is the lead analyst for the global markets, looking into evaluating the most dynamic investment areas. He also supports operational part for Indian citizens investing in global markets.

Sonia Pritam (Senior Manager: Client Relationship)

Sonia Pritam is a Graduate from Mumbai University, and has worked with HDFC Bank for 10 years as a Branch Manager.

At Simplicity, she is responsible to advice our High Net-worth Individual (HNI) clients to successfully manage their personal and family wealth. Sonia specialises in high impact investment advisory where she customises the Simplicity investment strategies to suit individual and family wealth goals in a transparent and inclusive manner. Her clients trust her with the most complex decisions to preserve and generate wealth in the most confidential and professional manner.

Mitali Dukale (Manager: Client relationship)

Mitali Dukale holds an MBA degree in Finance and is pursing MBA HR.
She uses her skills to simplify the financial jargons for the clients, making the investment task easy for them.

For her, the learning never ends and there is a zeal to do better than yesterday.

Richuta Agarwal (Manager: Business Development)

She is responsible for Business Development and Marketing operations for Mumbai region. She is an Economics graduate from Symbiosis International University.

Richuta has an expertise in handling portfolios of HNIs and retail investors. She ensures that her clients have a globally diversified portfolio which is risk averse.

Nitish Kamdar (Manager: Marketing)

Nitish Kamdar is an alumnus of Symbiosis college. He specialises and is responsible for public relations, marketing and managing events at Simplicity Investing.

Rupali Jadhav(Executive – Operations)

Rupali Jadhav is a B.Sc. Graduate with extensive experience in banking and managing financial operations.

At Simplicity, Rupali oversees all operations related to client investments and follow up. She anchors the corporate office in Pune and oversees all business operations.

Vishwas Papal (Operations)

Vishwas Papal is a graduate from Pune University. At Simplicity, he supports all operations related to client investments, follow up and book-keeping.

Key Mile Stones

  • Conceptualization of the ‘Simplicity Investing’ Business Model.

  • Simplicity Investing Advisors (India) Private Limited incorporated with Headquarters in Pune, India.

  • Simplicity Investing acquires its 10th Client.

  • Number of Clients acquired crosses 25, including Clients from outside Pune.

  • - Simplicity Investing becomes a profitable Venture.

    - Use of technology becomes the backbone of Operations.

  • ‘Systematic Investment Plan or SIP’ Book crosses INR 25 Lacs per Month.

  • - Total Assets Under Management (AUM) crosses Rs 5,000 Lacs.

    - Number of Clients acquired crosses 250, including Overseas Clients.

  • - Total Assets Under Management (AUM) crosses Rs 10,000 Lacs

    - ‘Systematic Investment Plan or SIP’ Book crosses INR 80 Lacs per Month

    - Number of Clients acquired crosses 400, including Overseas Clients

    - Simplicity starts conducting ‘Financial Wellness’ Sessions across Corporates

  • - Simplicity sets up a branch office in Mumbai.

    - Total Assets Under Management(AUM) crosses Rs 12,500 Lacs.

    - Systematic Investment Plan or SIP' Book crosses INR 100 Lacs per Mont.

    - Number of Clients acquired crosses 600, including Overseas Clients.

  • – Simplicity sets up a branch office in Aurangabad.

    – Simplicity starts offering direct investments in equities, ETF’s and Mutual Funds from Overseas or global markets to Indian Citizen.

    – Total Assets Under Management (AUM) crosses Rs 17,000 Lacs.

    – Systematic Investment Plan or SIP’s Book Crosses INR 135 Lacs per Month.

    – Number of Clients acquired crosses 725, including Overseas Clients.

    – Simplicity conducts it’s 50th Investor Knowledge Sharing sessions on Global Trends.

  • – Client can invest globally in global stocks and ETFs under liberalised remittance scheme of RBI

    – Total Assets Under Management (AUM) crosses Rs 22,500 Lacs

    – Simplicity Investing YouTube channel activated with regular monthly webinars and global market updates

  • - Total Assets Under Management (AUM) crosses Rs 32,500 Lacs

    - Total Clients 900 plus

    - Clients serviced from all over India including metro areas of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Calcutta and from all other major cities of India

    - Dedicated Non Resident Servicing Center and Tax Advisory Services for Expat clients working in India

    - All the processes and client servicing 100% Digital and ability to server the clients 24 hours a day for all seven days a week

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Before you invest, you should have a clear Vision of what you want to achieve – and why. Here are some examples of POOR Visions:
“I will invest aggressively to become as rich as my Friends and Relatives.” (Greed) or
“I will not invest in the stock market and the only place for my money is Bank Deposits.” (Fear)


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