Wealth Management

Managing your wealth is the first step towards Nirvana of your life. We work with every family to help them have total clarity as to how they should manage their wealth and retirement finances. For every Individual and Family, the Wealth Management Process is divided into four steps:
  1. Capital Accumulation Phase
  2. Wealth Accumulation Phase
  3. Estate Accumulation Phase
  4. Global Estate Accumulation Phase

The threshold of amount depends upon the size and location of the family needs.

Wealth Accumulation Phase Family of 4 living in Non-metro City Family of 4 living Metro City Family of 4 living abroad and India NRI Family living Abroad
  Amount in Amount in Amount in Amount in $
Capital Accumulation Phase Upto 50 Lakhs Upto 1 Crores Upto 3 Crores $2,00,000
Wealth Accumulation Phase Upto 2 Crores Upto 3 Crores Upto 7 Crores $10,00,000
Estate Accumulation Phase Upto 5 Crores Upto 7 Crores Upto 20 Crores $50,00,000
Global Estate Accumulation Phase More than 5 Crores More than 7 Crores More than 20 Crores More than $50 Millions

How do we help you manage the wealth

We build a simple process through selection of world class investment options which are simple and easy to understand. We do not recommend any investment products which have a lock in products, high commission structure products such as endowment insurance policies, or invest in risky bets such as speculative stocks, derivatives and finally we also discourage investment in industries which are not good for the society.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is another word for Wealth Management. Most of your goals in life which you want to include in your financial plan can be achieved if you manage your wealth properly. In other words our wealth management plan will include all the major financial goals you need for your family. Goals such as children’s higher education, marriage, house buying, debt repayments, medical expenses, travel and retirement needs.

Treasury Operations

These days most of the corporates have large surplus Cash which is part of short term and long term Working Capital. This Cash can be effectively deployed in the Financial Markets (Bond Markets) to earn income through Treasury Operations. Also the Company can earn very good tax free returns through Investments in the Equity Markets, which in turn will help them reduce the effective tax rate on the total Profits. After a thorough understanding of your business we work out a Strategy for deployment of the funds in such a way that they are easily available when required for the business needs, with minimum cost and risks.

Tax Planning

In most cases, effective Tax Rates for Investments in Direct Equity or Equity / Debt Mutual Funds is much lower as compared to other Investment Options. E.g. Debt Mutual Funds offer the benefit of Indexation after a period of 3 Year, where the Tax is payable on the Gains made over and above the 'Rate of Inflation' and at a Tax Rate of 20%. So the effective Tax Rates comes down to 10% to 12% of the Total Gains and only when the Investment is redeemed (also leads deferment of Taxes). As against this, Interest on Fixed Deposits is 'Accrued' every Year and Tax is payable as per the Income Tax Bracket of the Individual (which is mostly 20% or 30%). In addition to this, India also offers Tax Credits for Investments made in Equity Linked Savings Scheme or ELSS Mutual Funds up to Rs. 150,000 per Annum, effectively combining Tax Savings, Savings and Wealth Creation.

Global Investing

Investing Globally is a key once your Family’s net worth reaches a certain milestone, such as Rs. 20 crores. It is very important to hedge against the INR Depreciation and the performance of the Indian Economy. Secondly, you also need to have exposure to innovative and technology Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Visa, Samsung, Etc. At Simplicity, we offer services in diversifying your investment Globally. We also provide services on compliance requirements in different countries through our associates located there.

Why Simplicity

The Founders of Simplicity have one core vision - that of building a simple Financial Services Organization without any complexity. Each and every Team Member of Simplicity is trained to work and serve the Clients in a non complex manner. No one in the Company is allowed to use technical jargon or complex language. We communicate with everyone with simple straight talk and with complete transparency. We do not sell any fancy Products like Endowment Insurance Policies or Lock-in-Products or any investment products which are highly complex and difficult to liquidate.

At Simplicity, we make sure that nothing is hidden from the Clients and believe that complete knowledge sharing is the connecting cord for building a life long relationship. Not the least, Simplicity Team Members have knowledge and experience of global financial markets and are able to advice on compliance matters to global citizens who have to file tax returns in different Countries.

At Simplicity we have expertise in solving the most complex financial problem with a solution that is simple and easy to understand.

As a wise man once said - 'Simple can be harder than complex. One has to work hard to keep one's thinking clean and simple. But it is all worth in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains'

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Before you invest, you should have a clear Vision of what you want to achieve – and why. Here are some examples of POOR Visions:
“I will invest aggressively to become as rich as my Friends and Relatives.” (Greed) or
“I will not invest in the stock market and the only place for my money is Bank Deposits.” (Fear)


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